This the Slug Arsenal of Eli Shane, protector of the 99 Caverns.

Slugs Edit

  • Burpy the Infernus
  • Joules the Tazerling;
  • Doc the Boon Doc / The Energy Elemental;
  • Banger the Armashelt;
  • Spinner the Arachnet;
  • Chiller the Frostcrawler;
  • Buzzsaw the Thresher;
  • Tangles the Vinedrill;
  • Suds the Bubbaleone;
  • Dazer the Hypnogrif;
  • Goober the Jellyish;
  • Spooker the Frightgeist;
  • Rocky the Hop Rock;
  • Stunts the Speedstinger;
  • Bolo the Polero;
  • Mo the Enigmo;
  • Beeker the AquaBeek;
  • Larry the Lariat;
  • Burner the Lavalynx;
  • Glimmer the Phosphoro;
  • Dozer the Slyren;
  • Torch the Forgesmelter;
  • Urchin the Sand Angler;
  • Mucky the Dirt Urchin;
  • Sparky the Grenuke;
  • Digger the Crystalyd;
  • Noodle the Flopper;
  • Bugsy the Hoverbug;
  • Rookie the Blastipede;
  • Tormato (Unnamed);
  • Xmitter (Unnamed);
  • Geoshard (Unnamed);
  • Rammstone (Unnamed);
  • Charger the Fandango;
  • Gazzer (Not much known.);
  • Maggs the Slicksilver;
  • Rex the Diggrix;
  • Joker the Gazzer;

Temporary Slugs Edit

  • The Goon;
  • Various Ghouls (Darkfurnus; Amperling; Grimmstone; Frostfang;Harmashelt and most of his arsenal not counting Doc or any slug he didn't got until the point.);
  • All Elemental Slugs (Doc is not included; Abandoned to be Guardian Slugs);
  • Stinky the Flatulorhinkus (Borrowed from Pronto);
  • Many Floppers (Unknown what happened to them; belonged to Kord used to train Eli).

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