185px-Dare Gang 'Symbol'

The Logo of Black's army

This is an army which contains members of Dr. Blakk's henchmen in the Slugterra series. They are Employers of Blakk Industries.


  1. HooliGang (Formerly)


These conatin the Goul Monsters in the Army

  1. Amperling
  2. Aquafreak
  3. Attacknet
  4. Barreto
  5. Bubbalash
  6. Cryptogrif
  7. Dark Urchin
  8. Darkfurnace-(UN)
  9. Flatlorex-(UN)-(NS)
  10. Frostfang
  11. Goon Doc
  12. Grimmstone
  13. Greneater
  14. Harmashelt
  15. Hop Jack
  16. Jollyfist
  17. Necroshade-(UN)-(NS)
  18. Neurotox
  19. Nightgeist
  20. Photomo
  21. Pyringo-(UN)-(NS)
  22. Smugglet
  23. Tempesto
  24. Terrarix
  25. Thrasher
  26. Vinedrone-(UN)

Other ForcesEdit

  • The Dark Bane
  • Cossackoids

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